Our Creation Process

1. Start a Project Form

Our first step is to get to know you

Whether your project is focused on branding, photography, or video we want to learn more to assist you through our creation process.

2. Meeting of the Minds

The kickoff meeting forms the basis for project collaboration

This allows us both time to make sure we are the correct fit before becoming teammates in content creation and provides an opportunity for you to ask questions.

3. Become Teammates in Creation

Next we provide a quote and invoice, we begin the project after they are signed and paid

Based on our meeting of the minds, we will send a quote to be approved with the project specifics. For brand audits and photography we require upfront payments, but with video production we only require a 50% down payment to finalize a commitment.

4. Due Diligence with analytics

We start with doing our homework

We begin with an overview assessment utilizing third-party analytics to understand the industry as a whole before diving into the specifics within your niche.

5. The Creation

Our in-depth production process

Our superpower is relating to your journey. We are diverse with various perspectives as educators, veterans, and travelers along with our cannabis experience.

6. Content Delivery

We provide several different methods of delivery

Due to the sensitivity of data, we provide numerous ways to receive your content with ample attention to safety as much as a speedy delivery. Once you receive the final content, all remaining balances are due.