Written By: Harry Resin, Cannabis Now

As cannabis becomes more mainstream its important that we understand how the various types of cannabis affect the body and how these are classified. To begin with, we must clean up our terminology. The word strain is borrowed from microbiology and is used to describe a genetic variant or subtype of a bacteria, fungus or virus. A more appropriate term to use for plants would be cultivar, which refers to cultivated plants.

The word originates directly from the term cultivated variety and is widely used in crop sciences. It is used to describe a subtaxon of a species so, in the case of cannabis, that would be applicable to describing the various crosses breeders make today. Usually, a cultivar is regenerated from a clone, but that is not always the case with all forms of agriculture. In many instances seeds are used, however, due to the amateur nature of most breeding projects and lack of resources, you will typically find many variations or phenotypes. In more mature agricultural industries, you will find that seeds breed true, meaning that you will get 100 percent uniformity in your crops.

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