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What Is… Endocannabinoid System Cannabis Activism

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is responsible for appetite, pain, mood, memory, homeostasis, and neuroprotection. The ECS has evolved, after centuries of companionship with the human anatomy, to act like a lock and key system. According to it is defined as, “any of several chemical…

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How Can A Cannabis Expo Use Video Cannabis Marketing

This video is all about how cannabis events, expos, and conferences can use video. If you know you need to create video marketing campaigns but you don’t know what should be in it or why it is useful – then watch this video and find…

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What Is… Cannabis? Cannabis Culture

Often we hear the term marijuana used, however, cannabis is the plants’ true scientific name. The word marijuana was a slang term created as a piece of propaganda in the 1930s. Before then, cannabis had been used as a medicine for over 6000 years, first…

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What is… Content Operations Cannabis Marketing

Content operations helps in forming a unified sales, marketing, and customer service team. It aligns efforts and incentives for each team into a collaborative voice that continues to spark the conversation with your consumer audience leading to relevance and engagement. For help with content operations…

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Cresco Labs/CY+ Dispensary | Community Outreach Cannabis Culture

Cresco Labs/CY+ Dispensary is working with communities across Ohio to help educate and bring awareness to medical marijuana. These programs invite the public to ask questions and meet the dispensary employees. Special thanks to Michelle Blank from the Cleveland School of Cannabis for helping host…

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