About Us


Who We Are?


77 Media Group is a boutique visual communications agency who specializes in conveying cannabis brand narratives with mindful content.

What Drives Us?


Our passion is educating through content creation about the benefits of terpenes and cannabinoids found in cannabis for optimal human health.


Our Team

Anthony Travagliante


Anthony is a genuine storyteller who finds inspiration from his love for traveling. He went to college for media arts in his hometown, Cleveland, one of America’s most up and coming film production markets.

As a producer himself, Anthony has worked on films that have been screened at the New York Indie Film Festival and London’s Rainbow Umbrella Film Festival.

In his free time he can be found playing drums, riding waves, or dancing on shakedown street.

Cannabis Educator, Operator, and Consultant.

Andrew can be found educating at the Cleveland School of Cannabis, operating a boutique visual communications group, consulting with like-minded entrepreneurs, or creating glass pipes in his studio.

He enjoys learning new skills, traveling, playing guitar for a dead cover band, and being with nature.

Andrew Hamerly

Litho Freeman

Videographer, Photographer, and Theatre Talent.

Litho has a likeness about him that glows. As a cameraman, his ability to capture expression through the lens with a unique “present life” style is natural to his personality.

He enjoys acting in plays, assisting with films, and traveling.

Interested in joining our team?

We are always expanding our talent pool in new waves.

Let’s connect to see if our energies flow.

Inquiries, please email Hi@77MediaGroup.com.

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